Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Fab Spot

Welcome to The Fab Spot, where I try to make everything in my life sound completely fabulous - even though it may not be! Funny, because that's what I envisioned when I first came up with the idea that starting a blog would be one of the 30 new things I would accomplish in my 30th year. The idea wasn't to sound pretentious or impossibly chic, as you might assume. The concept came after reading a magazine article about a woman living in NYC (where else?) who led an enviable life - stimulating career, designer clothes, two children wearing trendy clothes, unbelieveable vacations and stylish friends. It's easy to turn to your own life (especially in our celebrity-obessed culture) and declare it the most unfabulous, uninteresting, hum drum existence. After all, you can't watch E News, pick up a magazine or watch a reality show without feeling like you are missing out on a glamorous life. My days don't consist of Vinyasa Yoga at dawn, a meeting with the CEO of IBM, lunch at The Ivy, sealing a multi-million dollar deal, a quick suit fitting with Muiccia Prada, an emergency phone call with a life coach, a quick wardrobe change for cocktails with my closest friend (the Editor-in-Chief of In Style Magazine), and a limo ride to Charlie Trotter's to entertain clients. With the absence of the aforementioned schedule, sometimes I begin to feel like I may be leading a less than stellar or less than notable life. After giving the subject (my life) some thought, however, I decided that there are at least a few parts that are pretty exciting or dare I say it, fabulous. For instance, I love to walk my dogs on the 200 acres of ranchland my family owns. It's not a lesson by a yogi, but it's my version of soul-enhancing exercise. My career is another source of fulfillment, pride and fabulosity for me. I love that every day brings a new challenge, a new outlet for creativity and a new opportunity to work on projects that I feel passionate about. Many people say that a person has the ability to choose her attitude. You can choose to be happy, sad, angry, etc. and that's how your day will be. I've decided that you can also choose how to percieve your life. You can view your life as boring, unstimulating or average (eeww- the very thought!) OR you can choose to focus on the amazing parts of your life and proclaim your existence to be uber-chic, wonderfully dramatic and ultimately fabulous! I am committed to changing the way I view my life - to focus on the blessings, the amazing people, the wonderful relationships, the unique experiences - all of the things that make for a fabulous life. Because I've discovered that it's not enough to have these things, the most important thing is to acknowledge and celebrate them!

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  1. Great meeting you today in Scriptura. I am your newest follower:) Thanks for following and commenting at Uptown Acorn! Glad you enjoyed New Orleans!