Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Je ne sais pas!

I am on a French kick lately. I bought a few books on the French way of life, including 'French Women Don't Get Fat!' and am going to try to adopt a new way of life. I've decided that I don't stop to enjoy many parts of my life because I'm a.) immune b.) ignorant c.) in a hurry d.) an American that has to have more, more, more! Believe me, this is no new realization, I've known for a while (six years...) that I need to stop and 'smell the roses' instead of 'inhaling the weeds'. I don't even think I saw the roses...! Part of embracing this new way of life is learning how to actually enjoy good, quality food. Not the pre-processed junk, not necessarily organic food, but good, wholesome food - with portion control. I want to be able to appreciate fresh vegetables, dark chocolate and bread without feeling as if I am depriving myself. It seems like all the diets out there try to convince you that you won't be hungry, feel deprived, have to live your life in a hole to escape the temptation. If I could just flip my perception of what tastes good, satisfies me and/or feels like a treat - I think I could finally manage my weight. Can I do this? The verdict is still out. It is going to take a lot of work to change what my mind has repeated over and over again for 30 years. I guess the true test will be going to La Madeleine? Stay posted for French fun!


  1. You can definitely do it!!! You have are one of the most talented and strongest women I know... you can do anything that you put your mind to!!! I love the French culture... of course you not only have to develop a love for fine food, but also a love for fine wine! Bon Appetit!

  2. I think I can do the wine part!