Monday, March 9, 2009


I spoke with a good friend the other day about my new blog, (I think I've almost equated it to the publishing of my first novel) and I expressed my concern that most of the people I know who write blogs are parents writing about their kids. Why would any one want to read my blog? I have no photos of children to show or stories to tell about how they took five steps in a row today... Am I being truly narcissistic? My friend suggested that I spoof everyone and write about my doggies! You know what, I LOVE that idea! Today's blog is dedicated to my little white malte-poo Taylor!

Taylor is the most adorable creature! Everyday, she wakes up with incredible energy second only to the wonderful feeling I experience inside Cartier. Can you imagine waking up with that feeling each day!? This morning she was especially playful, even though her brothers weren't in the mood.
I always giggle a little bit when I take her for a walk - if any one saw us, they would certainly find the scene comical. Me in my colorful, Danskin workout wear and my fluffy white malte-poo, accessorized in a pink diamond collar, power walking - in a cow pasture! Does it make me feel slightly less glamorous?...maybe, however we look so adorable that I think we make the cow pasture look as picturesque as Central Park!

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