Monday, April 20, 2009

The House Hunt

Anyone who has ever searched for a home can tell you that it is unbelievably exciting and frustrating at the same time. Add the fact that sometimes I can be obsessive about certain things and we've got a full-on dramatic series going on in my house right now!

There are so many fun things to dream about, my mind can NOT stop! I've fallen in love with a particular house right, but unfortunately it doesn't fit all of our criteria. The house is absolutely perfect, but it is in a new neighborhood that has very narrow streets and no sidewalks. C'est la vie, no? So, the hunt continues, but I literally can't sleep at night thinking about the house and how I would decorate it and the fun recipes I would try in the new kitchen. I've already hosted an imaginary party there, complete with a Spanish theme. Bienvenido mis amigos, would you like some paella? I've also called dibs on the walk-in closet that is to die for! I've never had fabulous closet, don't we all think it's time? Needless to say, I am going nuts, driving my husband nuts and probably driving the puppies nuts with my antics: constantly searching MLS for new listings, watching 24 straight hours of HGTV and tearing out pages of Domino. Occasionally I will cry out, "We'll never find the perfect house!" like a spoiled child. Help! I've already picked out the majority of the furniture for the house - very Hollywood Glam. It will be perfect for cocktail parties. I'll make sure to serve my special Flirtini recipe in my crystal stemware while everyone admires the incredible art I picked up while shopping in Austin. I wonder if I can fit all of my family at the dining room table for Christmas.... I think so! I'll have the perfect kitchen to get it all prepared! I've never cooked a turkey before, but mine will taste so good in the new house! Right...

Oh yes, I almost forgot that I have become obsessed with the notion that we will desperately need a swimming pool at the new house. This is Texas, how can one enjoy life here without one? Plus, I swear I will swim laps and play with the dogs in the pool everyday, if James will take care of the chemical chores.

Am I setting myself up for disappointment or am I just dreaming big? It's not like I'm asking for a big slide on the swimming pool - but that would be cool! Don't you all want to hang with me at my imaginary dream home? If you end up staying the night, I'll cook you a delicious breakfast in my new oven!
Disclaimer - Photo listed on this post is not the home I can afford, but the home I would love to live to own someday!

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