Thursday, April 9, 2009

La Vie en Rose

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"
Mahatma Gandhi

I came across this quote this week and I actually paused for a moment to grasp the concept. This quote sums up exactly what I am striving for in my life - to be true to my thoughts. For instance, I constantly think about getting in shape, but my thoughts and my actions are not in harmony, so it creates a number of problems: I feel badly about myself, I reprimand myself, etc. I tend to 'head the other way' when an uncomfortable situation presents itself, but I still constantly think about it. I know that I'm just creating a mental traffic jam by doing this and I want to stop. My ambition is to become a got-it-together-girl who says, "I need to..." and actually DOES it.

I think that's why Gandhi's quote struck me. There are so many ways to apply the concept in your life. The idea of aligning what I think, say and do makes a lot of sense to me. Sometimes I don't verbalize my thoughts because I know they'll be met with negativity, disregard or worse - apathy. Another problem - I will say what I'm going to do, but then I won't do it. This may seem to be the same as thinking you are going to do something and not doing it, but it is different.

My last blog proclaimed that I am trying to adopt a French way of life and in some ways I am doing that. I haven't been doing so well with the food part, I'm not shopping at the farmer's market every couple of days... However, I think I am learning more ways to enjoy life like a French girl. I know this may sound silly, but I'm trying to take a bubble bath, complete with sparkling water and candles at least once during my work week. I'm also trying to wear pretty underthings instead of utilitarian ones. Apparently French girls do not skimp on undies the way we American girls do! It does make you feel sexier when you have a little lace on underneath! Another positive trait that I'm working on is to adopt the average French woman's confidence rather than the American self-loathing that I am so great at! So far it has been a lot of fun to learn about women of another culture and it inspires me to live La Vie en Rose!

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