Thursday, July 2, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

We had the BEST time in Vegas! We stayed at the Bellagio this time and what a hotel! The level of service they provide is just amazing given the fact that they are running such a large operation. We had a great room with a view of the fountains. We must have watched the show 15 times over the course of our stay!

On our first day, I discovered a pair of incredible Chanel sunglasses that I just couldn't forget them whole time we were there. I decided that if I was still lusting on our last day, I'd buy them. Shopping in Vegas has got to be one of my favorite ways to enjoy the city! So many designers are right at your fingertips and as my friend put it, "money in Vegas is a lot cheaper than back at home"! She's right. In Vegas, you don't think much about dropping $500 on something you love! In the end...I bought the sunnies!

We went to see Cirque du Soliel's performance of LOVE (the Beatles tribute show) and it was unbelieveable! I have never been a Beatles' fan, but seeing the music interpreted through dance and acrobatics created a new found love in me for their songs. After the show, I immediately insisted on buying a CD. My favorite song in the show was 'Yesterday'. If you are unfamiliar, check it out - what a beautiful song that lends a sense of nostalgia.

We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants in LV! If you ever go to Vegas, give me a buzz because I know all the best places to eat, party and shop! We ate at a great restaurant in the Bellagio called Michael Mina (a world-class chef). We ordered the tasting menu and this was the single most luxurious experience I've ever had in a restaurant. Each course was more incredible than the last. Just one of the courses included 'Lobster Pot Pie'. So delicious! James and I had a great time tasting the different wines with each course and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle for about 2 hours!

I love that about Vegas. You can exeperience so many new things in such small area of the world. I realize that I'm not exactly studying Stone Hinge there, but it there is still a lot to experience! We played Three Card Poker and the gambling gods were not smiling on me! I successfuly lost all of my gambling money and decided to STOP! James, however, did pretty well. We tried this game called 'Chuck a Luck' while in the Paris Hotel. Very different game for Vegas, but it was easy, had a cheap ante and we played for several hours without losing a bunch of money! That's a win in my book!

I noticed that the Bellagio's casino was not very busy while we were there. We soon discovered where all the gamblers were - across the street at the older casinos! O'Shea's was lots of fun after dark - a live band playing fun music, cheap antes and what else? Beer Pong!

Lots of fun, lots of smiles, lots of LOVE on this trip!


  1. How fun! I will be 'buzzing' you soon, I'm playing a trip in December or January for my 21st. I wanna do it BIG so I WILL be asking you to list all the right spots. (yay)

  2. Sounds like ya'll had such a great time!! :) So fun! The tasting dinner sounds so yummy!!