Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Evolution of My Feelings About Weekends

Today I realized that it's the end of Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thursday and Friday is almost here, giving way to the weekend. The funny thing is that I experienced a new mix of feelings while considering that the weekend is almost here - surprise that the week was passing quickly and anticipation combined with enough energy for fun activities to come.

Since the beginning of my employment as an adult, the weekend has evoked a multitude of feelings, all of which I now realize, correspond to the employer of the moment. Come with me as I document the 'Evolution of My Feelings About Weekends'.

*Note: Not all of my previous employers are represented here, and they may or may not be in chronological order.

Inner Monologue regarding weekends:

Employer A: "It's Friday night? Sweet! I can go out tonight and still work tomorrow morning. I probably won't be that hungover. Besides, I can sleep it off Saturday afternoon and do it all over again at night."

Employer B: "OMG, this week is dragging on; a monkey could do this job. Please, please, please let Friday get here SOON! I can't wait to go to Harry's on Friday night and Shelley's party on Saturday night!"

Employer C: "I don't even know what day of the week it is. Oh, it's Friday? I have to work until 9pm anyway and open tomorrow morning at 10am. Weekends are awesome - for everyone but me."

Employer D: "It's only Tuesday? This job is slowly killing my soul. Please let the weekend get here soon so I can forget that I'm not pursuing my dreams and distract myself with shopping."

Employer E: "Friday night baby! Time to go out with the crew after work. Too bad I never see my husband any more...I work weekends and he works weekdays...but at least I'm doing something I'm passionate about..."

Employer F: "It's THURSDAY??? How am I going to finish all this work? I need at least two more days in the work week...if I work Saturday, I can almost catch up...then I can rest all day Sunday, in the darkness of my bedroom with the sound of the television drowning out the anxiety I feel for the upcoming work week."

Employer G: "Thursday. I am so freakin' exhausted and if I have to spend one more day with these people, I'm going to lose my mind. I don't even care if I complete my action items, no one appreciates the amount of work I put into this job anyway. Please, God, let Friday actually be Saturday and make Saturday last at least 72 hours."

Employer H: "Wow, it's already Wednesday? This week is sailing by and I can't wait to do something fun with James this weekend...maybe we'll go the the museum or drive to Austin..."

You may have guessed that Employer H is my current place of business and I'm so happy that I am finally in a place where I can enjoy my weekends with my husband, friends, family and doggies. After so many years of allowing my job to influence my feelings about the weekends, I realize that this is something I am not willing to give any longer (unless the work positively influences my weekends)! We work so much of our lives and I truly regret allowing my job to steal 48 hours per week of potential fun and overall enjoyment. And, enjoyment does not mean 'recovering' all weekend because I am so damn exhausted from the work week. Life is just too short and it's just not worth it. Not for money. Not for an 'important' position. Not for approval. It's just not worth it.

I'd rather spend my 48 hours a week going to dinner, drinking cocktails, swimming at a friend's pool, shopping at the farmer's market, visiting a new art exhibit, hosting a dinner party, playing tennis, taking my dogs to the beach, reading a silly book, trying out a new recipe, getting a massage, looking for a present for someone special, decorating my house, working out with a friend, travelling...with ample energy and the right job, the possibilities are endless!

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