Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cute Workout Clothes & New Trainer

Since I would rather die than show you a pic of me in workout clothes at present, here is a photo of my favorite gym shoes.  Yes, I am absolutely one of those people who like to get dressed up to work out.  I love wearing cute workout clothes and for a while, became a regular at Dick's Sports, where they have a fabulous collection of women's Nike gear.

Feeling cute while exercising really does motivate me (I swear, James!).  Since I feel self-conscious in tight athletic gear anyway, you'd think I would be inclined to try to be inconspicuous at the gym or in the park.  Not me.  I'd rather wear fun, brightly colored outfits to lift my own mood while working out.  One time, I showed up to play tennis with my friend, Cara, and she commented that I looked like a peacock and she resembled a raven (she was wearing all black).  She may be right, I just love the fun colors in Nike's current collection.

I don't have an endorsement deal with Nike (at present), but I do tend to gravitate toward their aesthetic.  I also LOVE Athleta (pictured below)!

Their Yoga collection is the coolest I've ever seen and their catalogs/advertising is second to none!  As soon as the Athleta catalog arrives in the mail, I rush through it to see whats new or on sale.  Athleta can be a bit pricey, but the pieces I've purchased are top quality.  I've lusted after their yoga tops for some time now and just might be ready to splurge!

I'm feeling very optimistic these days about my diet and exercise (which slipped a bit when I started my new job).  I called up a trainer I've been dying to work with for some time now and crossed my fingers that she would be available.  I really think God had a hand in this one, because she was more than willing to train me!

I know some people who would say that hiring a trainer is very....extravagant and wonder why can't I just do it myself?  First of all, one of my favorite things in life is extravagance so it's practically perfect for me!  On a serious note, I need that extra motivation as well as someone (whom I admire) to push me farther than I would push myself - both mentally and physically.

When I worked out with trainers in the past, I learned some valuable lessons about myself.  They forced me to try exercises I knew in my heart I could not do.  I quickly pointed out this fact and continued to whine during the attempts.  Apparently I don't always know my heart that well because I was capable of doing some of the said exercises.

It's also extremely helpful for me to have someone that a.) is a great role model for fitness and b.) actually cares about my success. c.) I could actually be friends with **disclaimer - not all trainers are created equal

I start training again the first week of July and I am fired up to get at it again.  Training makes me feel powerful, able to accomplish almost anything, which in turn, makes me happy.  My husband says he can always tell when I haven't been working out because I'm bitchy.  Poor guy, I haven't worked out in weeks. :)

Now I've got to ramp up for my new training workouts and I only have about a week and a half.  I REALLY don't want to humiliate myself in front of my new trainer, nor do I want to groan every time I get up out of a chair for a week.  Tomorrow morning, I'm going to put on some purple Nike shorts and a peach Danskin halter tank top and hit the neighborhood for a brisk walk with my pups in tow.  Afterwards, I'll do some upper body free weight training.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll be somewhat back in a non-pathetic-shape when I meet up with my trainer for our first workout!  P.S.  Isn't this fabulous?  I would wake up every single morning to workout if I had this outfit (shoes and headband included) !  I swear I would.

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  1. One day when I am a trainer people want to work out with, you can outfit me!

  2. You didn't tell me you were aspiring to become a trainer! That's fantastic! I would happily dress you!