Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Witte Museum with Darling Husband (DH)


On Saturday, DH and I headed to the Witte Museum.  I've been wanting to take him since the new South Texas Heritage Center opened in May.  I went ahead and purchased a family membership for us, with the hope that now we will frequent the museum more often.  The South Texas Heritage Center has a nice, albeit small collection.  Where the Witte excelled was the creative displays and games for children.  I FREAKED out when we first walked in because there is a truly realistic vaquero mannequin that greets you.  I wanted to video him with my phone, but didn't want to get too close.  I kind of felt like the small child that is scared to death of Santa. 

A museum greeter invited DH and I to attend a branding and roping clinic and we played 'the good tourists' by shuffling into the learning center.  Let's just say that this country girl found it hard to sit through a lesson on branding cattle and ropes given by what was obviously an actor.  He told the class that ranchers are now putting microchips in their cattle to help locate them if they ever get lost....hmmmm.  I'm a rancher's daughter this must be something the Dallas ranchers do with all of their money because I've never heard of such a thing around these parts. :)

One of my favorite exhibits was in the main part of the Witte: a collection of Fiesta Royalty Dresses.  It was a small collection and I think the room lacked some pizazz, but the dresses were, admittedly, very beautiful.

Witte Info on The Order of the Alamo: The Order of the Alamo has crowned a Queen to reign over Fiesta every year since 1909.  The Queen, accompanied by a Princess and Duchesses, is crowned in an elaborate coronation pageant.  Each coronation is organized around a theme that is selected two years in advance.  The theme influences every aspect of the coronation from the designs of the dresses to the set design of the theater where the coronation is held.  This year's annual Fiesta exhibition explores the design behind the Order of the Alamo cornation. 

This dress was designed for the Queen of the Panama Canal (or something like that).  You can almost see her super long train in the back - with a depiction of a ship passing through the canal.

Isn't this dress beautiful?  It reminded me of a mermaid.

Detached train.

Duchess of St. Patrick's Day

Duchess of the Romanov Easter Egg (does Faberge ring a bell?)

Loved this gorgeous train!  Circa 1998.

Stage model, Court of the Napoleonic Empire (Order of the Alamo Coronation, 1993)
Notice the 'HRH' monogram - 'Her Royal Highness'

'N' for Napoleon and notice all the bees?  This was Napoleon's personal symbol.

I give this exhibit a B - I don't like the gold mannequins or the boring blue walls.  They probably chose plain walls so as not to compete with the dresses, however, it almost made them look cheap...

Also, I wish there would have been more than a handful of dresses to view - you could look at the entire exhibit in less than five minutes.

All in all, we enjoyed our trip to the Witte as well as our husband-wife quality time together.  We didn't check out the Darwin exhibit, opting to save that for another trip.

What did you do this weekend?

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