Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amanda's Vision Board

Today I tackled a project I've been both preparing for and putting off for a few months - my new Vision/Inspiration Board.  I created my first one about two years ago, when I hosted a party for several of my friends to come over and do the same.  We had lots of fun telling eachother about our goals and dreams as well as putting together our boards.  When I reflected back on my board from last year, I realized that I actually had met several of the goals I put forth for myself.  See my very first board below.

I read a very cool blog about Vision Boards on Tranquility du Jour quite some time ago and she gave fantastic instructions about how to start your board.  First, ask yourself, "what do I want to be, do and have."  Write these things down.  Then, flip through tons of magazines and find images that either speak to you (for whatever reason) or represent the items you wrote down.  I read somewhere that when putting together her board, a woman tore out a photo of a beautiful house and didn't know why, but wanted to put it on there.  She wasn't looking to move or buy a new house, the photo of the home just spoke to her.  Sometime later, she bought a house that looked just like the one in the picture she placed on her board.  She didn't even remember it until she saw her old board when packing to move.

This is the power of imaging.  Images can motivate us to create or accomplish whatever is represented in them.  That's why they tell you to, "think yourself thin."  You know, picture yourself in the bathing suit or what have you.  It's because your mind tries to accomplish what you envision.  That's the basic purpose behind creating a vision board.  You can tell from mine above that I wanted to work out, read, travel to Paris, buy a house in New Orleans, go skiing and travel with my Darling Husband (DH).

I started out with a stack of magazine tear-outs that I'd been collecting for several months.

I looked for not only images that I liked, but also phrases or sentences that aligned with my goals.  I sifted through the stack several times and selected what I thought were the images and words that were the most important to me.  I went through such magazines as Oprah, Self, Fitness, Oxygen, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Southern Living.

Some tear outs didn't make the cut, even though I loved some aspect of them.

I started with a large piece of foam core (you can buy this at any craft store), YES! paste (I've only found this at Michael's) and a pair of scissors.  Oh, and a wine glass full of Pellegrino.  Pretty easy and low-cost!

Trust me when I recommend the Yes! Paste - it is fantastic and won't make your magazine cut outs wrinkle or dry with those unsightly waves.

After I collected all of my images and motivational phrases, I realized that there were some major goals missing from my stack.  Namely - images of NYC, which I plan to visit in December with DH.  I couldn't leave NYC off of this super-important project - too vital.  I also had not found images of the silverware for which I am saving monthly so I can purchase a whole set in a couple of years.  Also, very important.  So, I headed over to the laptop and quickly printed off some NYC & silverware images and voila!  See if you can tell what some of my goals are.  Click to view the full sized image.

I won't make you work too hard for it!  Here are some of my goals:

1. Save money to travel to New York City to celebrate my 10th anniversary to DH in December 2012
2. Travel to Europe in the Spring and visit both Paris and London
3. Ride horses as many chances as I can get.  Eventually, I would like to buy a hourse and learn to compete in equestrian-style events
4. Save money each month so I can purchase a full set of sterling silver for my dinner table
5. Buy a chandelier in New Orleans
6. Purchase window treatments for my living room
7. Work out and lose weight (story of the last 15 years of my life), so I can wear dresses like Anne Hathaway
8. Meet new people and regularly host parties for my new and old friends
9. Purchase a gorgeous silver tea set and host a super-girly Afternoon Tea Party for my stylish friends
10. Life is short, so do it in style!

When I set out to create my new Vision Board, I noticed that many of my goals were still the same, yet some had changed.  See if you can guess which was which by the completed project.

I hung my last Vision Board in my closet and unfortunately, I didn't see it as much as I would have liked.  This time, I hung it in my bathroom (which is very unlike me, because I do like for things to be pretty - always) so that I can see it everyday and muse over it while blow drying my hair each morning.  I think this will make it much more effective and even though it's not officially art, it's filled with beautiful imagery.

Here it is hanging in my bathroom.  I don't know why I consider hanging it in there such a big deal.  We have applied about six different paint samples on the wall and can't decide which to use - they've been there for at least three months!

I hope this inspires you to make your very own Vision Board.  If you have made one, please take a pic and post it so I can see!

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