Monday, July 30, 2012

Cocktail Hour - Flirtinis

One of my signature drinks is the Flirtini.  I've been making this cocktail for many years - ever since Carrie and friends drank it with the 'Up My Ass Players'(a group of tranny hookers) on an episode of Sex & the City.  Any cocktail that can be drank with a bunch of tranny hookers on a rooftop sounds like a recipe for a good time!  By the way, Sex & the City is probably my all time favorite TV show.  I've seen every episode at least a dozen times and maybe even more.  No shame here.

You can barely taste the alcohol in this fruity little cocktail, but make no mistake, it packs a punch!  Most of my friends know that if you come to a party at my house, you'll probably be offered a Flirtini and you'd better be ready for a wild night. 

Most of the time, I make a large pitcher of these instead of mixing each drink individually.  This frees me up from tending bar all night and I can focus on my guests.  I've even been known to bring Flirtinis with me on camping trips.  Why forego all luxuries while camping?

Amanda's Flirtinis

1 48oz pineapple-orange juice
1 bottle of champagne - I've used all kinds - extra dry, brut, prosecco (I recommend testing to find your favorite)
8 shots of vodka (don't skimp on a cheap vodka here, you already run the risk of a champagne hangover)
Chill all ingredients before mixing

Gently mix all ingredients, except for Grenadine, in large pitcher, you don't want to stir all the bubbly out!  Pour into martini glasses, add a few drops of Grenadine and garnish with a pineapple wedge.

You could also serve the Flirtini in a champagne glass for optimal bubbly action, but I've always served it in a Martini glass in honor of its name.  Sometimes I skip the Grenadine and the pineapple garnish, but they do make the drink look very pretty.  My beautiful Martini glasses were a Christmas present from my mother in law and I just love them!

A funny little note about Flirtinis: they appear to be a very girly drink, however, I've had many a man imbibe right along with the girls because male or female, this baby tastes YUMMY! 

See a clip from the Sex & the City episode that inspired me to serve Flirtinis to my guests for over ten years.  Sante!

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