Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's a Fab Friday

I kicked off last weekend with some naughty shopping. No, I wasn't shopping for lingerie or adult novelty items. I was just shopping to downright spoil myself. I felt an urge to hunt for sales at the outlet mall and it did not dissappoint. I've been in a real preppy mood lately, so I visited Kate Spade for a flirty fix. It was a floral, preppy, vibrant mecca of gorgeousness - all included in their incredible sale. I really wanted a bright summer bag and I found just that.

I love this flirty, coral handbag. It's such a departure from my last bag purchase - a black Michael Kors with tons of studs and grommets all over! I will absolutely carry this to lunch with the girls. It has soft, beautiful leather, so I'll need to take precious care of this little darling.

I have been wanting a metallic, structured straw clutch for some time now. It's just so fun and girly, with a little bit of edge thanks to the gold metallic leather. I'm envisioning dinner in a vine-covered courtyard or some other event al fresco.

Believe it or not, shopping isn't ALWAYS about me. I love, love, love to shop for gifts to give others. This little T-bone doggie-toy (a la Target) had to come home with me. I knew someone who would just LOVE it!

My husband rolls his eyes every time I buy a new toy for my pups. If this face smiled at you everyday, would you want to spoil him rotten too?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you self-spoil just a teensy bit.

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  1. Love those bags...and always buy my babies dog toys!