Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Polish

Mondays are really tough for me.  I thoroughly enjoy my leisure time on the weekends and Monday just takes that all away!  I have found one trick that will make me smile through the dreaded eight-hour reality check that is Monday: fresh nail polish.

Nail polish, while a seemingly simple and frivolous object, can bring so much joy to my life.  For one thing, the options are endless!  I know for a fact that I don't have every shade of red known to man or nature.  Having neatly polished nails just makes you look and feel 'put together'.  Selecting a pretty shade to adorn your nails is also part of the fun, especially in the summer.  Summer allows for both bright and pastel colors, but obviously, bright is lots more fun.  Just looking down at my pretty pink nails puts me in a good mood, even if it only lasts until Wednesday!

This week, I chose a new shade of pink to brighten up my Monday.  My favorite nail polish is the OPI brand with their fun and silly color names.

Elephantastic Pink by OPI

A few of my favorite summer OPI colors (left to right): Elephantastic Pink, I Think in Pink, California Raspberry & Cajun Shrimp

Do you have a favorite brand of nail polish?  What about a signature or favorite color?

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