Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend in Dallas

I took a trip to Dallas this past weekend to visit my beloved college (Texas A&M) friends, former roomies and co-workers.  I had the best time staying with my friend Jody, her husband Dan and their son, Dylan.  It was so fun to see Jody and Dan again and reminded me of 'old times' - as in almost 10 years ago!  Their son, Dylan, is just precious and it's always neat to see your friends' children. 

On Saturday night, Jody and I met our former co-workers (and my former college roomies) at Esparza's in downtown Grapevine.  Grapevine is such a cute town, with great boutiques and restaurants - all housed in old buildings in the downtown area.  It was fun to hear about what's going on with their work, family and other happenings.  Let's just say there wasn't an uncomfortable silence all night or lack of a topic of conversation.  We covered everything from our sex lives to our housekeepers! 

I miss them all so much and hope that someday I can live nearer and see them more regularly.  They each have such beautiful personalities.  Tiffany smiles all the time and would drive 1,000 miles to help you in your time of need.  Shelley is that girl who instantly draws you in.  Jody is soulful as well as the big sister I never had.  They are all truly special, friends of a lifetime.  Love you girls and gig 'em!

Tiffany, Jody, Shelley and Amanda

P.S. - Can you tell it's hot in Texas?  We all have our hair up!

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