Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book, not the kind from your youth

It's no secret that I can get pretty excited about handbags and jewelry.  When I find a particular piece I can't live without, I absolutely obsess over it.  Images of the item will flit in and out of my head throughout the day and I'll attempt to reason with myself over the price/frequency of use/originality at night while trying to go to sleep.  My rule is that if I am still obsessing over the item after a couple of weeks, it's meant to be mine.  I recently came across some obsession-worthy clutches at Kate Spade that have me practically squealing, they are so FAB!

Combining my love of classic novels with my love of handbags - genius.  How adorable is this book clutch?  And it's by Jane Austen, one of my all time favorite writers!

Who doesn't love the tale of these two star crossed lovers?  This Romeo & Juliet Book Clutch by Kate Spade is so romantic and I love the colors!

Another one of my favorite novels, set during the roaring 20's.  Books as fashion accessories is such a cute concept, I'm practically swooning.  Reading is tres chic!

I have read Pride & Prejudice countless times and this little clutch might just be my favorite for that reason.  It could also be because of the dashing Mr. Darcy or the smart-as-a-whip Elizabeth Bennett. I am in love with all of these sweet clutches, so it's a tough choice for this literary babe.  At $325 a bag, these are most definitely a splurge.  You can bet that I'll be monitoring the Kate Spade website and just waiting for a sale!

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