Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tips from the 'guide to life as it should be'

One of my favorite books is Colin Cowie Chic, 'the guide to life as it should be'.  It's a modern-day Emily Post meets David Hicks mixed with some Dorothy Draper and a healthy dose of Valentino.  This particular recipe just curls my toes.

In this masterful 'how to' book, Cowie tells us exactly how to live a chic life.  He includes advice on entertaining, decorating and travelling with a flair.  I have read the book a few times and often reference it for life's little quandries. 

With a particular houseguest question in mind, I picked it up today after returning from my vacation in San Franciso and Napa Valley with DH.  While on vacay, we stayed with my friend of seven years, Jenny F.  Her family just moved to that area and it was so wonderful to see her, her husband, Michael, and their adorable boys, Jack, Luke and baby Ryan.  More on the trip later!

Just before leaving Jenny's house, I debated on whether or not it was proper to make the bed or strip it and take the sheets downstairs to the laundry room...  Not knowing which was the proper thing to do, I decided to make the bed.  What if she didn't want to deal with washing those sheets today?  We're close enough friends that either would have been fine, but I wanted to know which was considered proper ettiquette.

Upon referencing Colin Cowie Chic, I discovered that I had made the right choice.  Phew!  I really hate to make a social faux-pas and will kick myself over it for quite a while. 

But Cowie has not only guided me on social ettiquette, he has provided lots of fantastic tips that I love to incorporate in my very own chic life. 

A particular favorite tip from Cowie is a thoughtful and chic way to enjoy a gifted bottle of wine.  Write the giver's name on the bottle and the occasion.  When you open it, you'll remember the gesture and can toast the giver!  This particular bottle was given to us by my dear friend, Nick, for DH's birthday.

If you are geeky about hosting, decorating and entertaining fabulously, you will love Colin Cowie Chic!


  1. I have never known my Amanda G to not have proper etiquette :) It was great to see y'all! Hope you come back again, soon!!! Miss you already!

  2. Awe! Thanks Jenny! I adore you and your family and would love to come back to visit!