Wednesday, October 24, 2012

'Amanda' Boots

Have you ever noticed the names designers use for their different styles of shoes, boots and bags?  You know what I mean - the Victoria Boot, the Jessica Pump or the Kelly Bag?  For whatever reason, 'Amanda' is a popular name used by designers.  With beautiful fall boots on the brain, I decided to see which styles were named 'Amanda' AND to assess whether or not they fit my style and personality.
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Ruling: Given the fact that I LOVE all things equestrian, I am obsessed with these boots!

Amanda Boots by Santana Canada.

Ruling:  I would totally wear these boots while on a ski vacation, but not on the streets in the mild San Antonio weather.

Amanda Platform Boot at NastyGal.

Ruling: I'm not liking this one.  It's too weird and I don't like the idea of buying shoes from a place called "Nasty Gal".  Not. Me.

Amanda Black Faux Leather Thigh High Boots by Torrid.

Ruling:  I'm not Madonna, Fergie or a streetwalker, so there isn't a chance in hell I'd wear these.  Based on the last two 'Amanda' boots - Amandas might be kinda slutty.

Amanda Suede Boots by Blossom Connection.

Ruling: I like these and would happily don them for work or play.

Amanda Boots by Harley Davidson.

Ruling:  These boots are so bitchin', I might have to buy the Harley to go with them!  As streetwear, not gonna happen, but I would play the part of a hardcore rider while on the bike!

So did the fashion industry nail this Amanda's style and personality?  Inconclusive.  I like 4 out of the 6 designs, however, I would probably only purchase the Tory Burch riding boots.

Check out your namesake styles and see if they are spot on or way off target!

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