Friday, December 28, 2012

Company Christmas - in Costume

It was only a few weeks ago that I told you I was working on a top secret costume for my company Christmas Party and today, I can finally reveal all of the tomfoolery.  We were instructed to come to the party dressed as our favorite 'Christmas Character'.  Wanting to be original as well as over-the-top, I chose to be the Snow Queen from The Nutcracker.  There were lots of fun costumes at the party!
From left to right: Christmas Tree, Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story, Snow Queen, Elf

I was selected as a finalist to win Best Costume, but soon discovered that I couldn't compete with a man in drag!

Santa took some time to hear my Christmas list.

Everyone at the party loved my glittery eyelashes!

Posing away!  By the way, the party was downtown on the San Antonio Riverwalk, so I had to walk from the parking garage to the restaurant wearing this costume.  It garnered several cat calls from random gentlemen on the street.  Lots of fun with great people!

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