Friday, December 21, 2012

Shopping on Magazine Street in NOLA

My Darling Husband (DH) and I kicked off our third day in New Orleans with some beignets and coffee at Cafe Beignet on the recommendation of a shopkeeper on Royal Street.

The couple sitting across from us had a little visitor perched at the bottom of their table and I couldn't resist snapping a photo!  After finishing our breakfast, we headed to Magazine Street to do some major shopping!  The shopping on Magazine Street consists of independent stores selling everything from antiques to clothes and homegoods.  Don't make the mistake of thinking you can walk the entire area - it spans six miles!  My suggestion is to plan ahead by researching which stores you'd most like to visit.  With my list in hand, we first stopped at The Shops at 2011 Magazine.  Various vendors rent space inside this store, where you can find lots of fun things for the house.  I picked up some tea towels embroidered with a fleur de lis and crown.  Our next stop was at Source, a shop I instantly fell in love with!  I just adored all of the beautiful furniture and accents - everything was exactly my style! 

Sadly, most things just weren't in my price range for this trip - but I enjoyed perusing this store and hope to return very soon!

One of my favorite shops on Magazine Street is Perch, a homegoods store that does a great job of mixing modern and vintage pieces to make very stylish interiors.  I didn't buy anything this time, but in the past, I purchased fleur de lis dinnerware and Alexa Pulitzer stationery.  I just love the owner's aesthetic as well as her personal home - which has been published in multiple venues.

Bryan Batt's store, Hazelnut, is another one of my fave stores to visit in New Orleans.  It's filled with fantastic decorative items for the home, including glassware, serveware, decor and so much more.  I think I made about twelve circles around the store just taking it all in!  Bryan (who played Salvatore on Mad Men) was in the shop and I couldn't resist introducing myself and telling him just how much I love his two books, Big Easy Style and She Ain't Fat, She's My Mother.  He was completely gracious and offered to have his friend Debra Shriver sign her new book that I purchased in his store and send it to me.  I also purchased Hazelnut's signature New Orleans toile drink coasters to go with my dinner napkins.  I just love them!

The toile depicts New Orleans landmarks, such as St. Louis Cathedral, street cars and Audobon Park.  Although I don't live in New Orleans, I consider it my 'adopted city'.

Next we headed to Scriptura, which I read about at The Uptown Acorn.  Scriptura is a fantastic stationery store, filled with high quality invitations, notepads and wrapping paper perfect for paper junkies/connioisseurs.  While I was looking at some Christmas cards, I glanced up and thought I recognized the guy standing next to me.  Lo and behold, it was Ron from The Uptown Acorn!  I couldn't help blurting out, "Are you...?!"  And it was.  Let me just say that I love Ron's blog as well as his style and this was akin to meeting yet another celebrity in New Orleans!  Face red with shyness, I practically gushed while talking to him, hoping he didn't think I was a stalker!  He and his partner were at Scriptura shopping for their Christmas cards and I promise it was a total coincidence!  I told him just how much I loved his blog and his beautiful historic home in Uptown and he had his partner take a photo of us.  It was lots of fun meeting Ron in person and this was the first time that has ever happened to me.  Ron told us to check out La Petite Grocery for lunch and we headed straight there because I am convinced that Ron is an unofficial New Orleans Ambassador.

Yummy shrimp at La Petite Grocery.  Ron's recommendation was perfection!

After our yummy lunch, we shopped at Passages Antiques, where I fell in love with the bombe chest in the top right photo.  Unfortunately, it wasn't large enough for our space.  This shop was filled to the brim with lots of lovely antiques.

Since I was on a mission to find a chandelier, I insisted that we stop at Julie Neill Designs.  Every single piece in Julie's store is a work of art and I left wishing that just one could be mine.

Tired from our long day of shopping, DH and I decided to drive around the Garden District to oggle all of the lovely historic mansions.  One day, I will purchase a historic home of my very own there!

Later that evening, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - Galatoire's.  The Crabmeat Maison was delicious as was the Pompano.  While the food is special at Galatoire's, the atmosphere makes a meal at this restaurant an unforgettable experience.  The mood is joyous and the waiters are professionals who want to ensure you have the best meal of your life.

If you visit New Orleans during the Christmas season, you absolutely MUST visit The Roosevelt Hotel.  The branches wrapped in lights make the lobby completely magical.  Relaxing in the Sazerac Bar, we sipped on a brandy milk punch and what else?  A Sazerac. 

We had our nightcap at Arnaud's French 75 Bar, which might just be our favorite bar in New Orleans.  It's very old school, with a beautiful carved wood bar, cozy seating and perfect cocktails.  I ordered a French 75 and DH had an Old Fashioned.  It was the perfect end to our day.


  1. A beautiful post!!! You certainly hit the best shops and restaurants on your trip. I was so happy to meet you and your hubby. Come back soon!!! xo

  2. By the way, French 75 is a fave of ours too. Good call. xo

  3. Love that city! Although I passed on safecracker but will try next time I am there.