Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten Year Anniversary - Day Two

After a good night's sleep at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, my Darling Husband (DH) and I headed out for lunch at just one of many New Orleans' institutions - Acme Oyster House.  Our mouths were salivating as we walked down Bourbon, anticipating the awesome flavors to come!

We immediately ordered their chargrilled oysters, which I assume must be passed around on trays in heaven.  We dug in so fast, I didn't even get a chance to take a photo, but above you see the remnants of our greedy appetites.

Next we continued to explore the Quarter and walked in to one of the most incredible antique stores in America - M.S. Rau Antiques.  We visit this 'shop' each time we're in New Orelans to see their museum quality pieces. Enormous sets of Tiffany & Co. sterling silver and priceless Baccarat crystal fill the displays of this wonderful store.  It's so fun to look at the rare and beautiful antiques - a chair from Versailles, elaborately carved pool tables and risque sculptures.  The V.P. of M.S. Rau Antiques gave us a personal tour of their Impressionism Exhibit, describing the Monets, van Goghs, and Reniors as we viewed the three floors of art.  What's so amazing is that most of the paintings, sketches, etc. are for sale - ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars.  How incredible that we were able to view pieces you would normally only see in a museum or at Sotheby's! 

Upon hearing that I am in love with jewlery, the V.P. insisted that I try on a few 'trinkets'.  I selected a 20ct canary emerald cut diamond ring and it immediately came out of the case and perched on my finger!  It was so stunning and could have been mine for just a million dollars.  Not too bad, right?  God help DH if we ever become truly wealthy!  Next to grace my finger was a beautiful four carat emerald cut white diamond.  Unfortunately, once you've had a 20ct canary sparkler on your had, nothing else can compare! 

Finally, I admired a glamorous Persian polished turquoise and diamond necklace that I swear had to have been from Elizabeth Taylor's collection.  It consisted of 108ctw of turquoise, surrounded by 60ctw of diamonds.  Out of the case and on to my neck...gulp.  There are no words.  Santa Baby, these two pieces of art are on my wish list.  By the way, in case you think it might be easy to just 'run off' with one of these gems, think again.  The armed guard at the door will have something to say about that. 

Still in shock from my jewelry high, I stumbled over to another favorite shop - Luccullus.  Filled with culinary antiques, this store makes my toes curl.  From gorgeous china to French glassware and linens, I feel the urge to whip out a credit card and make some very irresponsible purchases!  My favorite find here was a 170 year old set of French raspberry, gold and white china, monogrammed with an 'A'.  Seriously?  It's not fair!  Why is it that when you are on a mission to buy a certain item, you instead find something SO tempting that is equally as fabulous????  I swooned over this perfect set, lamenting that it just wasn't in the budget this time around.  DH wanted to buy it for me, but I insisted that we needed a chandelier more than an antique set of monogrammed china.

Tearing myself away from precious jewelry and china is a tough task, but we continued walking around the Quarter, enjoying the breezy weather as well as the street performers.  The artists, musicians and street performers make up some of my favorite parts of New Orleans.

After watching the antics of a magician in Jackson Square, we took a break at Antoine's Hermes Bar.  DH ordered a mint julep and I had a 'Magic Lemonade'

Antoine's Hermes Bar has a display of Mardi Gras regalia that is fun to check out.  They have photos of all the queens of their Krewe since its inception.  Pretty girls and exquisite gowns.  After finishing our drinks, we purchased some pralines and chocolates at Leah's and headed back to the room for a nap!

Then off we were to a fun concert at the Blue Nile to hear Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers!

Apparently DH didn't have time to focus the camera, but this is Kermit and me.  What a great concert!  Kermit sang a variety of songs, including a Charlie Brown Christmas song and the Treme song - which was SUPER fun for me as I am a fan of the show.  At one point, Kermit invited all the ladies on stage and we jammed right along with the band!  Lucky for me that DH was ok with his wife dancing on a stage in NOLA on his anniversary.

Hungry for dinner, we made our way to Emeril's restaurant - NOLA.  I ordered a 'Saints Sparkle' cocktail and the boudin balls - both of which were yummy.  Then...all of a sudden...I started feeling sick.  Not blaming the food or drink, not sure what hit me.  We had to get our entrees to go so I could go lay down in bed at the hotel.  So that's how we ended our ten year anniversary night - eating a very expensive 'to-go' dinner in bed.  That wasn't exactly the plan, and even though I was sick, we both enjoyed our time together.


  1. Fun times in NOLA.... A great post! xo

    1. Thanks Ron, we just LOVE New Orleans! :)

  2. Cute photos! Looks like a fun time! Happy Anniversary!


  3. I'm only a couple or so hours from New Orleans, and way overdue for a trip over there. You found some spots I don't even know about! Sounds fun, and I think I'm on my way!