Sunday, January 27, 2013

Healthy Motivation

Some people can't stand her.  I don't know if I could stand to work out with her even once.  Surprisingly, however, her weekly podcast is a fantastic source of motivation as well as education for me.

Sometimes my commute can take an hour after work!  My solution has been to download and listen to podcasts that motivate me to accomplish my goals.  You may not like her bossy-screaming-attitude on The Biggest Loser, but fortunately, you'll find none of that in her podcast.  What you will find is a woman who knows her stuff.  After working in the fitness industry for more than five years and reading countless health mags, I can tell you that Jillian does her research on all things health and fitness.  I have learned the truth about diet and exercise through this woman.  She explains the science behind everything and makes it easy for a non-pro to understand.  

She invites her friend Dr. Herle, an endocrinologist, to speak on multitudes of topics, sharing her wisdom about how our 'insides' work.  Her producer, Janis (below on right), is witty and enhances the show with her spirit.

While I can't agree with some of her politics, I think she is one of the most important advocates of health and fitness in America.  Sometimes she'll talk about eating healthy and other times speak about challenges in her personal life, making you feel like she's a normal person!  I don't know about you, but I like to know that fitness superstars are somewhat human.  I look forward to her weekly podcast and have even gone back to listen to my favorites a second and even third time.

Here's a fun fact - Jillian doesn't even like to work out.  Intriguing, right?

If you haven't listened to her podcast I highly recommend it - especially if you are trying to make a health change this year!

Go for it!


  1. I never watched the show but I do recognise her from photo shoots. To be honest, I am in hibernation mode and have gained four pounds in the last week due to the cold snap in London...but I will save this for the spring! Thanks

    1. Ha! I can understand that! Here in Texas, we don't want to do anything when it's cold - which is rare!