Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye

The past few months have been tough on us as we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog of 12 years - Raz.  He was an Australian Cattle Dog with endless energy and a strong desire to play.  This was apparent from when my husband (then boyfriend) first brought this tiny little puppy home.

Darling Husband (DH) and Raz on his first day home with us.  We lived in College Station, TX at the time.  In case you are wondering if I darkened DH's face for this photo - I did not, I was just exceptionally bad at taking photos at that time!

Raz loved to do EVERYTHING with us, including rafting the Guadalupe River.  He gained many fans on this trip.

Raz also loved to play with his toys.  This particular toy - a cigar - made us laugh constantly because he carried it the proper way.  Very distinguished, isn't he?

A spring day in Texas in the bluebonnets at the first house we lived in after we got married.

He wasn't too particularly happy about being a baseball player for Halloween.

I wish I had some photos of him playing fetch - which was his very favorite past time.  So much that we would have to force him to take a break or he would wear himself out.  He also loved to climb trees, find squirrels, do flips and go on long walks.  It was really hard to lose him, but we had such a wonderful time with him and count ourselves lucky to have had Raz in our family.  Since we don't have kids yet, our dogs have filled in as our children and are extremely special to us.  DH was particularly bonded with Raz and filled with sorrow when we had to say goodbye.

About a year ago, I asked my friend, Cara, to draw Raz's portrait as well as the portrait of our other dog - Maverick.  I had not gotten them framed yet and knew this was the perfect time.

Maverick and Raz

I was THRILLED with the way his portrait turned out - I love the modern interpretation and it serves as a loving memory displayed DH's man cave.  I'm so grateful to have a fun way to remember our beloved boy.  We also feel content knowing that he is resting at my parents' house under a live oak tree.

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