Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Bon Vivant in Paris - Day Four

Julia Child shopped here for all manner of kitchen accoutrements.  Parisian restaurants have purchased commercial cooking equipment from this special shop since 1820.  E. Dehillerin is set up more like a tool store than a haven for professional chefs.

They have every kind of cookery tool imaginable.  I must have walked around this store for over an hour looking at all of the rolling pins, copper pans, knives, porcelain, baking dishes and more.  I finally decided on French rolling pins for my mother and myself, a chef's knife for my sister, a small chef's knife and a porcelain butter dish with a copper lid for myself.  J'adore all of my purchases!

Shellfish stand in Les Halles.

Fabulous cafe in Les Halles dedicated to what else?  The snail.

I loved the gilded snails on the top of this cafe.

Exploring the streets of Paris.

DH checking out the wares at the Boucherie.  Can you see the hanging roosters?

I loved this case full of various types of sausages.

Me and my Brioche St. Nicolas

Quintessential Paris.

Cafe time!

I was surprised that although it was cold, many people still like to sit outside the cafes.  Most of them have heaters on the ceiling and retractable exterior doors.

Beautiful architecture on each and every street.

The outside of the Louvre again -see how huge it is?!

One of my favorite views.

Pont Alexandre III - a real tresor in Paris.

I love the light posts and the gilded accents.  Perfectly ornate - just what a FAB girl wants on a romantic vacay.

There isn't enough marble, carvings or gilding in this world.

Christmas market on the Champs Elysees.  These temporary markets had stalls with all kinds of products for sale - Christmas ornaments, furs, food, fragrant sachets and more.  There was even an ice skating rink!

Window shopping on the Avenue Montaigne - one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in the world.

Beautiful Christmas lights everywhere.

Many people don't travel in the month of December and that is such a shame.  Streets, shops and squares are always decorated beautifully and you can't help but get in the Christmas spirit.  We always take a vacation to celebrate our anniversary during the first or second week of December.

The Galleries Lafayette is a glamorous department store.  This French store (not mall) is 10 stories high and carries luxury goods for the discerning shopper.  I really wanted to purchase a piece of jewelry by a French designer while in Paris and found an incredible selection here.

I chose a sparkling KMO Paris ring as my treasured bijoux.

We capped our evening with a lovely dinner at Brasserie Lipp and strolled around St. Germain.

The Parisians use blue lights at Christmas, very different from the traditional red and green.  Did you know that 'sacre bleu' or 'holy blue' is the color associated with the Virgin Mary?  By the way, that is the St. Germain des Pres church in the background.

Just one more day in Paris left to enjoy the joie de vivre.
A bientot!

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