Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Memories

This Christmas was truly a great one for me.  I was still on a high from my trip to London and Paris (more on that later) and enjoyed the time I spent with my family.  One bit of happiness was watching our Red Oak tree's leaves turn a beautiful shade of red right before they began to fall.  In South Central Texas, only a few types of trees' leaves will change colors, so we take what we can get!  Someday, we'll travel to New England in the fall to see it's colorful splendor.

I also took the time to bake Christmas cookies this year and tried two new recipes - Emeril's Raspberry Lemon Thumbprints and Southern Living's Gingersnap Slice-n-bakes.  They were both a big hit, but my favorite were the thumbprints because I used lemons from my mom's lemon tree.

I also baked and decorated traditional sugar cookies and must have spent a small fortune on sanding sugar, different colors of sprinkles, sugar pearls and silver dragees.

I was really proud of myself, but super tired after I finished!  I made angels, doves, stars, ornaments and Christmas trees.  I used my honorary grandmother's Christmas tree cookie cutter that I received after she passed away to make the Christmas tree cookies.  Somehow that made it feel like she was with me this Christmas.

I boxed some up in old fashioned Christmas tins to give to my husband's employees.  I just love pretty packaging!  It really does get me excited for what's inside!

I leisurely drank coffee out of my Christmas china teacup (my only one), writing down my grocery shopping list to make yummy bread pudding

Surprise!  DH got me a puppy for Christmas - a tiny little Yorki-poo.  While this Christmas was great, I was missing my two fur-babies that passed away this year.  My new little Sophie doesn't replace them, but has brought us smiles and laughter as well as a companion for big brother Maverick.

I must have done something good this year because Santa brought me some pretty spectacular gifts, wrapped in Tiffany blue.

Yes, I am ridiculously spoiled. I hardly even wanted to open the boxes because they are so beautiful on their own.  However, nestled inside is the most gorgeous Christmas china I've ever seen - and it's mine!

My mother, grandmother and aunts collect Christmas dinnerware and it always feels so festive to use and display during the holidays.  Last year I started collecting my own and someone ;) must have told my family about it. It was so fun to open all of the boxes and see which pieces I got.  I can now feed 7 family members, but only two can drink tea and one can have dessert.  When my sister gave me her two dinner plates, she made sure to include a note that reserved a place setting for herself and her boyfriend.

DH gifted me this beautiful HUGE cutting board from Williams Sonoma that I have been coveting for over a year now.  I love that he payed attention and remembered something special that I wanted but wouldn't buy for myself.  What a great man.

And after it was all over, I snuggled on the sofa, with the fireplace ablaze and watched one of my favorite Christmas movies - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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  1. Looks like you have had a great holiday season.

    I adore your plate!! OMG - so pretty and festive...I would love to see your plate collection. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Happy new year :)