Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do you fancy a cup of tea? - Day Three in London

Our final day in London began with some very cheesy, fattening French breakfast sandwiches and artful lattes.  Oh how DH loved these sandwiches!

 Spotted on our way to Westminster Abbey - Beg Ben!

Big Ben and a Big Bus.  We actually never rode on one while in London, but they were everywhere, which explains why they are so iconic.

My panoramic photo of Westminster Abbey.  Beauty and history combined.

We arrived right on time for the opening of the Abbey, but they were running 45 minutes late that day...a reoccurring theme in Europe as we would later discover.

You are not allowed to take photos inside the Abbey, so trust me when I say that if you are ever in London, this is a must-see.  The ornate tombs are unbelievable and knowing that you are walking among the remains of kings and queens is surreal.  Westminster Abbey still functions as a church, so you can attend services here if you like.  Queen Elizabeth's tomb was incredible - it's a huge space with stunning architecture.  Many of the tombs have a life-sized statue of the monarch lying in eternal rest.

In case you didn't know, this is where coronations have taken place since 1066!  The coronation chair is there for all to see and imagine themselves being crowned a monarch - maybe that's just my own imagination.  And of late - Prince William and Kate Middleton were married here.

Her Royal Majesty Fab Girl and the Duke of Darling Husbands

Loving the real queen's home.

Gilded gates are so totally in style in Europe right now.  I need to pin this to my 'Curb Appeal' board.

Lovely St. James Park

A little window shopping on Old Bond Street

Burlington Arcade

We also checked out Savile Row in Mayfair and saw the most incredible tailors that make custom suits.  Some of the stores had windows that showed the tailors working their magic.  I've never seen anything like it.

The most fun shopping experience for us was on Jermyn Street at Turnbull & Asser - a men's bespoke clothier who has dressed some of the most famous men in history: Prince Charles, Sir Winston Churchill, George H.W. Bush and every single actor who has played James Bond on the silver screen.

I purchased a pocket square for DH here so he could channel James Bond from time to time.  The store was exquisite and the manager showed us the most interesting suit jacket - the inside was lined with the cover art of of the Beatles' album Abbey Road and the buttons on the sleeve donned the rockers' first names. 

Now that's Rock and Roll.

It would have been perfect to wear to Afternoon Tea at the Palm Court the Langham Hotel.  Business on the outside, party on the inside!

The Afternoon Tea here has won the Tea Guild's Top London Afternoon Tea award for three years in a row.  There are something like 30 different teas on the menu.  I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to tea, so I chose the Langham Blend and it was tasty.

From the sandwiches to the scones, everything was delicious.

Lovely Christmas pastries.  My favorite was the raspberry reindeer macaroon.

HRM and the Duke taking tea.

And finally, no trip to London would be complete here at The Fab Spot without visiting the posh shopping mecca of Harrod's.

Toodles!  See you in Paris!

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