Friday, January 10, 2014

J'adore Paris - Day Three

We started out our day by perusing the Palais Royal, yet another former grand royal residence that has evolved into various modern uses.  Its luxurious shops are famously chic and tres cher.  The allees of trees were pretty, although most were losing their leaves with the onset of winter.

Lunch reservations at one of the most renowned restaurants in Paris - Le Grand Vefour.  Built in 1784, the restaurant has fed many of history's most notable figures - Napoleon, Victor Hugo and Jean Cocteau.  Aristotle Onasis brought Jackie Kennedy here.  Read more about this amazing restaurant's history here.

The Neoclassical dining room is said to be the most opulent space in Paris.

Almost all the tables are named for the famous person who sat there.  We were seated at Voltaire's table.

The waitstaff are incredible and see to your every need.  I ordered another $30 glass of champagne here and it was exceptional.  We both had the prix fixe lunch menu, which consisted of seven courses!

The cheese cart!  Happily the fromage-expert helped me choose some delicious selections.

By this point, I could barely eat anymore!

Milk chocolate mousse on hazelnut pastry, caramel ice cream and sea salt.

What fun to eat in such a gorgeous restaurant.

Lunch at this restaurant was a memorable experience.  I felt like Empress Josephine herself being treated to such an extravagant meal in this dreamlike setting or at least a very, very rich woman - Jackie O?

I absolutely will NOT tell you anything about the bill, suffice it to say that it was all about the Paris...with my love.

Speaking of my love, I'm so glad I was able to experience this romantic city with him.  The Eiffel Tour was everything I thought it would be.  Sometimes I can over-anticipate things and in turn ruin the actual experience, but this was not the case.  J'adore.

We wandered down the Seine to the Ile St. Louis and back to Notre Dame.

Twilight in Paris is magical.  DH took a photo of me in front of a Love Lock bridge, showing off my shoes.  He said he overheard some French girls admiring them.

We had to leave our stamp on Paris by continuing the tradition - a love lock.

Locked together for eternity?  Sounds pretty romantic, right?  The Seine has the key.

Sunset on the Seine overlooking Notre Dame.  

Absolute magic.  Giddy.

I have dreamed of this vacation and of seeing the Eiffel Tower for as long as I can remember. My feelings in this moment can only be described as genuinely happy.

And then we were off to see the Arc de Triomphe.  We ascended from the Metro and there it was!

The celebrated Champs Elysees.  The first time I learned about the Champs was when I read The Count of Monte Cristo.  He drove his carriage down this avenue.  A lot has changed since the late 1700's.

We loved the creative lights - a blue Christmas.

I think we were still a little full from lunch but it was time for dinner.

Dinner at Lauduree - famous for its pastries and macaroons.

The prettiest, girliest dessert I've ever eaten.

It had a subtle rose flavor, with vanilla and raspberry.  Obsessed with the pink plate!!!!

We continued to walk down the Champs, enjoying the sights and the people.

Romantic city, Christmas lights, Darling Husband.  A dream come true.


  1. Looks like you had the best time!! Bet you won't forget that any time soon?