Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year, New Vision Board

If you still haven't made your New Year's resolutions or if you aren't a resolutions kind of person, you're in luck!  Resolutions tend to make us focus on improving on our shortcomings - i.e. 'I will sweep the house morning and night' or 'I will lose 50lbs' or 'I'll give up sugar'.  While many of these plans are healthy for us, they tend to feel like boot camp.

Instead of focusing on boot-camp-style plans, why not focus on our dreams instead? Plan for some fun, relaxing or peaceful moments in the New Year and beyond. Travel to Maui? Take painting classes? Make those photo books you haven't gotten to?

A great way to capture these goals is to make a Vision Board.

I've been making Vision Boards for about three years now and find that they help inspire me every day. Regularly focusing on images has been proven to motivate people to replicate the images in their lives. To learn how to make your very own, check out my original Vision Board Post.

You can style your board any way you like, let your imagination flow freely.

I also like to cut out quotes and powerful affirmations to help me start my day.

You can guess at some of my dreams - one is to spend more time with my doggies.

You can also use any images that speak to you, although you may not necessarily know why.

If you have a hard time finding an image in a magazine that represents an important dream, simply find it on the internet and print it out.

It's fun to get together with a friend to make your Vision Board.  This is my friend Stephanie's creation. Among many goals, she wants to travel, eat healthy and paint.

I hope I've inspired you to think of your 'resolutions' in a different way.  Even if you want to include those 'boot camp' goals, representing them with an image is more motivating than self-deprecation.  I chose images of healthy girls working out and boxing to inspire me.

Start your New Year with a fabulous Vision Board!

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