Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our New Addition

Meet Sophie, a very sweet Christmas present from my Darling Husband (DH).  She's a Yorkie-Poo who is quite a character.

 She immediately bonded with our Golden Retriever, Maverick, who is 12 years old.  Lucky for Sophie, Maverick has raised a puppy before and has LOTS of patience and a playful spirit.

She loves and trusts him so much that she crawled up on top of his body to take a nap on her second day home.  He is so relaxed and sweet about the whole new puppy thing.  I was worried that he was lonely after our little Malte-poo, Taylor, passed away in November.  They were constant companions for 8 years.

Whether he likes it or not, he's got another companion that loves him very much.  The above photo was taken after she had played very hard and needed a nap.  Maverick always lays near me and I was baking in the kitchen.  Even though Sophie didn't like the wood floors very much, she made a cozy bed out of his tail and a bunny rabbit toy.

Sophie's 'look' for Christmas.  Bows and bells.  Very helpful when trying to locate a tiny puppy in your house!

Little Miss Sophie likes to crawl all over big brother Maverick, hoard toys, grab mama's slippers and eat her kibble piece by piece.

DH and I were dying laughing when she pulled stuffing out of her Santa toy and a piece of it got stuck on her nose.  She couldn't figure it out and was very confused.  Mama to the rescue.

Ok, it's not all about Miss Sophie.  Maverick is my big, smiling sweetheart.  I would do anything for this dog.

Maverick and I got a new baby puppy for Christmas and have been catching up ever since.  We forgot how hard it is to keep up with a new puppy!  I woke him up on New Year's Eve after we returned from a party to take this photo, so he's a little sleepy.  That and I think he's just plain tuckered out from playing with the puppy.  Me too!  Fortunately, she's generous with kisses and looks cute even when being naughty!  My daily prayers of gratitude always include my fur-babies because of how much joy they bring to my life.


  1. Oh how sweet! I'm glad Sophie found a good forever home and she will be pampered....looking forward to more posts about her and Maverick.

    1. Thanks Gayla! She will be spoiled, that's for sure!