Sunday, January 12, 2014

Palaces & Pastries - Day Five in Paris

After an 'adventurous' ride on the Metro and RER train, we finally made it to Versailles.  The entrance is ostentatious, but perfect for a king.

I especially loved the crown detail at the top of the gate.

Gorgeous gilding.  Why stop at the upper windows and roof line? 
I say gild everything!

If I were a Queen on a budget, I guess these windows and mouldings would do just fine.

Chapel inside Versailles.

There were arched doorways, statues, marble, gilding, painted ceilings, chandeliers, mirrors, feathers, busts, sumptuous fabrics and priceless antiques - overwhelming luxury.

The craftsmanship of the carved and gilded details on the doors is amazing.

The king's bed. Shhhhhh!  He's asleep, hence the drawn curtains.  This pink and gold seemed a little feminine for a king, so the Louis-men must have been confident in their manhood.

Ta da!  The Hall of Mirrors.  It was dazzling to see in person.  I wish I could have attended a party here, just think of the gambling, dancing and drinking in those fine clothes and super-high wigs adorned in feathers!

My, the diamonds and other jewels must have been enormous to compete for attention with the extravagance in this room.

Confession: when I stepped into Marie Antoinette's room, I let out an audible gasp and squeal!  I turned around to look at DH with a huge smile.  I almost jumped up and down, but regained control.  The only way to describe this bed - 'fit for a queen'.

Marie Antoinette's headboard.  Look at that fabulous embroidery and monogram.  The gilding is out of control and I'm obsessed!  How could you NOT feel like a queen sleeping here?  If you forgot while you were asleep, you'd immediately remember your own 'highness' after waking up.

Bed canopy and stunning ceiling.

Marie Antoinette's bust and me - can you believe I am standing in her room?  I can't!

Portrait of the queen and her children.

The king and queen's dining room.  Nobles and their families could walk by and view the royal couple eating their dinner as if they were a part of some kind of art installation or zoo.  Marie Antoinette actually hated this practice and put a stop to it as soon as she became queen.

Large corridor filled with paintings of the great battles of France.

The architects/interior designers of Versailles embellished all surfaces in the palace.
Versailles was the first palace I have explored.  As little girls, we are immersed in fairy tales and Disney princesses.  We put on costumes, wear tiaras and dream of our prince charming.  After seeing the Palace of Versailles as an adult, I'm dreaming of French architecture and interior design.

We popped in the cafe Angelina at Versailles for lunch and their storied hot chocolate.  DH said it tasted like a melted Hershey's bar.

When we returned from Paris, I stopped at Lauduree again for some goodies to take home.

Pastries galore! In Sophia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette', Kirsten Dunst eats lots of pretty confections just like these.

And walking back to the hotel, we spotted a Tiffany & Company horse drawn carriage!

Tiffany's is an American company and I think they sought out this American girl in Paris.  I hope those blue packages are for me!

Tiffany treats in front of the Louvre.

We had a great dinner at Le Fumoir.  My seat had a lovely view of this beautiful church and DH had a view of the Louvre.  
Only in Paris.
By the way, DH ate frog's legs here.

As we walked back to the hotel, we cherished our time spent together on this dream vacation in London and Paris.  Why oh why didn't we stay for another week...month...forever?
I feel so blessed to have been able to take this vacation.
Au revoir Paris!


  1. I love Versailles as well - even the train getting there. If you ever go back to Versailles - try and book the private tour as they go to rooms that they wont allow the general public to enter - like the dining rooms and studies and last year they had just opened the new gambling room that had been restored. Plus you dont have to queue! It looks like you had an amazing time - it is true that a month would be just perfect - maybe next time?

  2. Love all the photos. It sounds amazing! There is no way I could eat with people just walking by and watching me either!

  3. Oh how opulent! Amanda, you just fueled my dream to go to Versailles that much more! What an amazing adventure!

    1. Jen, you MUST go, it was a dream come true!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! Your trip looks amazing and I hope to visit there sometime.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun - I have to go back there with my husband. I went with my parents long time ago.

    ∞ © ∞

    1. Tanvi, it was a great experience going with my husband - very romantic (minus the Metro)! The streets, the architecture, the cafes almost deliver you to another dimension. I loved it so very much!