Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank Heavens, I'm not the only one!

Confession: unlike all of you busy-bee-over-achiever-types, I still haven't taken down all of my Christmas decor.  Laziness combined with a reluctance to 'end the season' has thwarted all my attempts at productivity.  I realize that I am opening myself up for a lot of judgment.


North Star Mall is behind in taking down their Christmas decorations too.  Behold the giant boots still lit up.

I don't want to take the Christmas decor down - I love it so much.  It makes me happy to look at the twinkling lights and I know the room will feel empty and sad once they are gone.  Christmas brings so much cheer and warmth that is exclusive to just one time a year.  That's why when I drove by North Star and saw the big boots still shining bright, I had to snap a photo and smile.

Thank you North Star Mall for dragging out the Christmas holidays as long as possible!

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