Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter's Dark Hues

I love going dark during the winter - dark hair, dark nails, dark handbag.  I suppose it's because the sun goes down earlier in the day and our mood reflects the season.  We feel cozy in our warm clothes and down blankets, preferring to stay inside and out of the biting cold.
I tend to wear more black in the winter although I naturally gravitate toward color. As I pointed out in my blog yesterday, French women wear mostly black and they look ultra chic. That little black dress can help you find that confidence to emphasize your feminine shape and transform you into a femme fatale.
The dark hue was a favorite of Coco Chanel, perhaps the queen of French chic.
I think it's fun to embrace the colors of the season, so long as we don't get stuck in a rut with them. Once, in college, I opened up my closet and quickly realized that every item of clothing was either red or purple! We all go through phases and can tend to get in a comfort zone, purchasing clothes or colors that are 'safe'. Try to kick your tush out of that rut and embrace the colors of the season!
I'm rocking deep shades of purple, green and garnet and having lots of fun doing it, but come spring, I will be ready for some pink.
Nail Color - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
Handbag - Michael Kors

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