Monday, February 17, 2014

These Boots are made for Rodeo!

It's Stock Show and Rodeo time here in San Antonio, spurring much of Texas to show off their finest western wear. Growing up on a farm and ranch, I got my first pair of boots when I was very young.  They were actually hand-me-downs from a friend of the family.  My dad painted them pink and I wore them with white tights, a blue jean skirt and a white ruffled top.  In my mind, they were pretty cool.  Over the years, I wore various pairs of boots, including lace-ups, which were all the rage in the 90's.  Unfortunately, the boots of the 90's were pretty boring.  Mostly gray, black, navy or saddle, they never stood out like my first pink pair.  About 8 years ago, I decided I needed a new pair, and I wanted them to be fun and glamorous.

A shopping trip to Lucchese revealed the most beautiful boots I'd ever seen. 

Pink leather tops with stitching detail and chocolate overlays reminded me of my first pair, but with the volume turned way up.

The pointed toes felt more Rock Star than Wrangler.

The boots are made with three different types of leather - goat, calf and shark.  I particularly love the riding heel and that they were made specifically for my feet by the craftsman at Lucchese.  A special thanks to DH for shining them up like new!


  1. I remember when you ordered these, I'm still jealous, LOL!

  2. They were SO worth it Leslie! I've had them for 8 years and I'm still in love. Totally worth the money and Lucchese's prices have gone waaaaaaay up since I bought them.

  3. We don't get boots like them here - I have to say that they look like it is superb workmanship though and if you have had them for 8 years then even more worth it!

    1. CSW - Lucchese boots are handmade and they will custom craft boots especially for you. You can pick the skin, the dye, the style, etc. Some of their boots cost as much as a Birkin bag! But like a Birkin, they last forever.