Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Hostess Gift

It seems like we're always in party-mode during the summer.  Sunny days are now to be spent drinking an adult beverage, basking in the sun light and cooling off in a large body of water. Be it lakeside, poolside or seaside, someone is always hosting a fun fete. What's the right way to say "you're the best, thanks for letting me mooch" to your boat, pool, or condo friend? A small, but thoughtful gift shows you care that they cleaned their guest bath and put out the 'good' towels.

Bestie Jody from college invited me and DH to spend a relaxing long weekend with she and her husband in Grapevine. Since we've been friends for 15 years now, I pretty much know what to expect when visiting.

Jody cooks for us, makes up a comfy guest bedroom and generally allows the stay to unfold naturally.  It's always a fun and relaxing time at Jody's house and I wanted to find a way to tell her thank you.
I love coming up with personalized gifts for my friends and family, so I usually take some time to brainstorm something special.  Where to begin? Lots of thinking about Jody!

Jody loves a good margarita.  Some of my earliest memories of our friendship include drinking 99-cent frozen margaritas on Tuesday nights at our local hangout. Jody is also a very talented artist and paints nurseries, children's rooms and doctor's offices in her spare time, so she appreciates handmade items. Combining the two, I came up with a Margarita Gift Basket.  I spotted these beautiful, hand painted margarita glasses at Pier 1 and scooped them up for my basket.

I loved the artistic detail, all the way to the bottom of the glasses.

Since Jody is an active girl and always trying to stay in shape, I thought some Skinnygirl margaritas would be tasty, but not a regrettable splurge.

I'm picturing Jody sitting on her deck and sipping away while enjoying her weekend.

To make the gift feel even more special, I placed the glasses and bottle in a grass-green basket, wrapped it in cellophane and tied with a grosgrain, striped bow.

I always try to devise a gift that will be unique, personal and indicative of my special relationship with the recipient.  Happy summer playing and don't forget to say 'thanks'!